1. Tinderbox

    I have been meaning to respond to a bit of Aki's post which linked to me a while back.

    I totally agree on quite a bit, although I'd argue that unless someone really steps up, takes a leadership role, and sets a clear future direction, then sticking with Tinderbox indefinitely …

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  2. tinderbox json examples back online

    Thanks to the intrepid Mozilla IT Team (in particular Trevor and Justin) for sending me the contents of people.mozilla.com/~rhelmer, I now have the Tinderbox JSON examples back online.

    Since it's on my own server now and I have to pay for the bandwidth, I am not auto-refreshing …

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  3. releases on tap

    One of the things that was pounded into me while working at MoCo is the idea of having a bug tracker and using it. I literally can't work without one anymore. It's the first thing I really pushed for at my new job (they were using various ad-hoc systems for …

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  4. on moving to buildbot for reals

    People are often very confused by the state of where Mozilla is with regard to Tinderbox versus Buildbot. They are both continuous integration systems, and you'd think that just jumping wholesale would be easier than the unholy marriage I've described in the past.

    The big distinctions are these:

    • server vs …
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