tinderbox json examples back online

Thanks to the intrepid Mozilla IT Team (in particular Trevor and Justin) for sending me the contents of people.mozilla.com/~rhelmer, I now have the Tinderbox JSON examples back online.

Since it's on my own server now and I have to pay for the bandwidth, I am not auto-refreshing the data anymore, because I don't want people actually using it :) Maybe I can hook up some kind of access to a Mozilla community server, I'll look into this later.

Here is the AJAX example, which apparently still works :). The Perf example which uses the tboxJsonApi is apparently borken :( I did a little debugging on it last night, not sure where it's breaking yet, it's probably the assumptions that my lame-o regex parsers use.

Anyway, I know that at least Cesar is working on stuff that uses this data, and I'd like to continue to make it better so file bugs.