production graphs 2.0 server ready for use


The 2.0 version of is ready for use:

We're not quite ready to take over yet - the plan is to do a phased rollout starting with this post, followed by advertising the new URL on graphs.m.o, and finally taking over graphs.m.o and moving the old server to graphs-old.m.o

This is the same version (with some minor tweaks based on feedback) as described in this webdev blog post:

The primary difference between this and the staging server (now at, is that graphs-new.m.o has realtime access to the production DB rather than using a nightly snapshot. The dashboard images are refreshed on 5-minute intervals, custom charts are pretty much real-time (with several layers of caching, could be a few minutes old in reality).

Thanks to everyone who has tested and provided feedback! More is welcome, we plan to continue making incremental (and perhaps not-so-incremental) improvements.

You can find more information at



P.S. one thing I should call out specifically - old-style graph URLs are not compatible, primarily because the new graphserver automatically shows the average of all machines in a platform rather than a separate line for each, and the old-style URLs refer to individual machines. If this is a show-stopper for anyone let's discuss, it's certainly in the realm of possibility to support.