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  1. leaving MoCo

    My last day at Mozilla Corporation will be April 14th 2008. It's been an incredibly awesome experience, and I'd like to thank everyone for the support, guidance and encouragement I've received.

    I'm going to be taking some time off before starting work at CustomWeather, Inc. I won't be working directly …

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  2. volunteering

    Thought-provoking post over on isabel wang's blog:

    When you ask for X hours of someone's time to help put up pre-made signs or read off telemarketing scripts, each volunteer means no more to you than just another undifferentiated source of labor. No one is put to their highest and best …
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  3. happenings

    Lots of stuff done this week in between release activities. I am on planet.m.o now (though too late for most people to have seen my previous post most likely), thanks to tor for setting me up!

    Made some good progress on the release automation work (started tracking bug …

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