A new owner for add-ons manager

A little over a year ago, Mossop announced a change of ownership of the add-ons manager.

I have been honored to set direction and work on such an important part of Firefox, and proud of the work I've done. A big part of this was to help teams go faster in delivering their work to users, and there was also quite a bit of performance work and review for 57 as well as changes to better support WebExtensions.

Over this time, it's become clear that the WebExtensions team is more than equipped to handle ownership of the add-ons manager itself.

In particular, Andrew Swan has been instrumental in setting and communicating technical direction as well as contributing code and reviews. The add-ons manager isn't really its own official module as such, but I believe that Andrew has shown leadership here and would like to publicly pass the torch.

Kris Maglione has also been doing quite exceptional work here, so I think either of them should be able to take a vacation (but not together) and not leave a vacuum of technical leadership.

As Mossop did before me, I am going to be updating the suggested reviewers in Bugzilla to be aswan and kmag, with me as a last resort.

Please join me in congratulating Andrew and sending him all of your add-on manager related questions!